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Add `product id` to a distribution pkg with

Packages is a great GUI tool for creating distribution and flat .pkg installers for various needs in your environment.  Version 1.2.2 of Packages added the ability to add a product id to the pkg .dist file at build time.

Documented at distribution-style packages need to have a unique product IDs included in the distribution file for it to work with startosinstall‘s --installpackage option. Without a product id the package is not included in the output of that tool.

To add a product id to a Packages project do the following:

  1. In the “Packages->Preferences…->Advanced” settings tick the box to “Show Advanced User Options” advanced-preferences.png
  2. Create a new Distribution Project. Access the “Project” listing on the left and in the “Settings” tab you’ll see “Advanced Options”. Scroll to the “product id”.project-settings.png
  3. Once you build the pkg, the distribution file in the package will contain a product idpkg-distribution.png